This is to thank you for your guidance through statistics. The book you wrote [Weaver's Good-Natured Statistics] got me through it with a much clearer understanding, with less fear, and calmness. Dee K. Class of '06

When Donna offered to get Weaver & Goldberg's Clinical Biostatistics Made Ridiculously Simple for her daughter in med school, here is her daughter's reply: "I would LOVE that biostat book!!! I have used the "Made Ridiculously Simple" book series for other subjects and they're fantastic!!!" Emily Y. June 2011

Dr. Weaver possesses a remarkable talent to translate the intricacies of the quantitative and statistical process into a common and understandable language. I attribute her innate ability to teach statistical research through the art of ethological storytelling to the success of my professional research experience. I highly recommend Dr. Weaver, her book Good-Natured Statistics in Everyday Language with Animal Behavior, and any services that she offers, to anyone who is embarking upon a quantitative or statistical journey. Tere K Nov 2013

Dr. Weaver makes learning statistics as easy as learning to ride a bicycle.  She is both friendly and professional.  Dr. Weaver responds in a timely manner and is hands on from day one.  I would recommend Dr. Weaver to any student struggling with statistics or to any student who is working on their dissertation.  Dr. A. L. Graham, Class of ‘10

In the pursuit of a DBA, I had the good fortune and privilege to take the required statistics course taught by Dr. Ann Weaver.  Her command of the subject matter, especially SPSS, was outstanding.  Her teaching style was equally impressive because she engaged the students to participate in exercises.  Without any reservation, I recommend Dr. Weaver in the highest terms as a Statistics Consultant. J. Youngblood, November 2013

I have known Dr. Weaver for years, as a former professor and Chairperson for my dissertation.  Upon conceptualization of my research, I immediately contacted Ann.  She was my first choice, as she is a modern day guru in the area of applied statistics, methodology and research.  Although she had little knowledge of my particular subject matter, she was able to effectively actualize my study, which produced impeccable results.  If not for her expertise and guidance, I might never have completed my dissertation. Dr. R. Mills, Class of ‘13

Dr. Weaver was truly a God send to me when I was completing my dissertation! I am so VERY grateful that she were there [at my university] when I was there. Dr. T. Altomare, Class of '09

Dr. Ann Weaver is one of the most knowledgeable statisticians that I have ever met, with that said she was able to break the research phase of my dissertation statistics down into manageable steps which allowed me to execute a plan and meet all applicable deadlines. Her work ethic and dedication to research is to be commended. I recommend anyone that needs tutoring or assistance with statistics to reach out to Dr. Weaver – Todd C., Ed.D., Class of ‘13

I couldn't have completed my research project without Dr. Ann Weaver. She has an incredible ability to keep people motivated through an inspiring simplistic approach to data gathering and data analysis. I wouldn't enter another research project without consulting her. Dr. Constance D. Class of '12

I, like most, had mixed feelings about statistics; in fact, I cringed at the thought of having to take statistics, but I knew it was a necessary evil to achieve my goal. I was fortunate to have my statistics class taught by Dr Weaver. Not only is Dr Weaver an expert when it comes to statistics, she also makes it easy to understand. Her book, “Good Natured Statistics” makes a great addition to your library as it is geared towards making statistics relatable and easy to comprehend. She is also a genius when it comes to using SPSS. When I got to my dissertation phase, Dr Weaver was a natural choice to be on my committee. I would definitely -- without a doubt -- recommend Dr Weaver for anyone needing help with statistics. Dr. Ike U., Class of ‘13.

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